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8 Feb 2022

Differences between Facebook and Instagram:

Like Facebook, Instagram is a social media platform. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012.


 Although it has not been used in one eye before, its use is increasing.


This is because the use of smartphones is increasing day by day with increasing geometric data.


 I have never used Instagram before but started using it recently. Instagram is a social media-based app. People are now inspired to start using Instagram.


They find the content they like on Instagram. By doing this, they increase their brand value, enrich the business.


According to a survey, the relationship between the Instagram community is getting stronger. Among them, brand values ​​are playing a big role.


Two out of every three people (66%) think Instagram is a platform that creates a kind of interaction with the brand.


This gives marketers the opportunity to reach many valuable customer segments across segments.


Differences between Facebook and Instagram:


Although Facebook and Instagram are the owners of Facebook, there are some differences between them. He was taken down.


1. Communication is more common among friends, relatives and community people on Facebook. But business and content-based communication and content sharing are high on Instagram.


2. Only visual content can be tuned to Instagram. No text-based content can be tuned. But all kinds of content can be tuned to Facebook.


3. Engagement and sharing of content are high on Instagram. Engagement is less than that on Facebook. One study suggests that business engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook.


4. The number of Facebook users is much larger than Instagram so its database is also quite large. However, the number of Instagram users is increasing day by day. Although people of all ages use Facebook, Instagram is more popular among young people.


4. Video content shared on Instagram feeds are short-lived. Its length is up to a maximum of 1 minute. But Facebook video content is maximum up to 4 hours in length. As a result, the video rate is higher on Instagram. Because people don’t like to see big content.


5. Instagram’s internal interface is quite sophisticated, making it easy to navigate. But because Facebook has so many features, they are not easy to use.

It’s also a bit difficult to navigate. Moreover, Facebook’s audience size is huge, making it a little difficult to get business information to the right person at the right time.

But Instagram can easily convey the message to the right audience.


6. Friends can be added to Facebook but Instagram does not have such a system.


Content can be shared between them only by increasing followers.

7. Photos of different sizes and formats can be tuned to Facebook, but images of certain sizes and formats can be tuned on Instagram.


8. Photos of different sizes and formats can be tuned to Facebook, but images of certain sizes and formats can be tuned on Instagram.


9. It can be accessed by logging into Facebook using the mobile phone app, mobile phone browser, and desktop browser.


But Instagram can only log in with the mobile phone app and use the full feature. However, some third-party tools or extensions can be used on the desktop for Instagram, but there are some limitations, not all features can be used. Instagram can also be used with mobile phone browsers but not all features.


10. Facebook has personal profiles, business pages, groups, events. But Instagram does not have such features.


11. Facebook has its own ad account that can be used to advertise. Instagram does not have its own Aid account.


In addition to Facebook’s business page, Facebook advertising can be used to advertise on Instagram.


12. Before sharing content on Instagram it can be edited inside the app. Such as cropping pictures, dimming colors, reducing or increasing brightness, etc. In addition, different layouts can be created. There is no such arrangement on Facebook.


13. The use of hashtags is not as important on Facebook, but more important for Instagram.


Instagram hashtags can be expanded by using hashtags, creating clickable links and finding essential content.



14. Video can be shared from Instagram for 15 seconds to 10 minutes via IGTV.


This feature can also be accessed by logging into the instagram.com desktop. Although videos are shared on Facebook, they are not archived under any such feature.


15. Live video can be promoted on Instagram but it cannot be saved on an account after the promotion. But Facebook’s live video is auto-saved.


16. The same person can open multiple accounts on Instagram by logging into Facebook. But there are rules for opening multiple accounts on Facebook. However, no more than 5 accounts can be opened on Instagram.


17. Instagram ‘Username’ can be changed at any time from the app but you have to apply to change the user name on Facebook.


Subject to approval. Once you change the user name on Facebook, it cannot be changed for the first time in 60 days.


Next time you have to wait for 120 days to make changes.


18. Clicked links cannot be used on an Instagram tune. However, click-through links can be added when boosting the ad from the ad account. However, the tune of the clicked link can be shared on Facebook.

However, through the above discussion, we notice clearly some differences between Facebook and Instagram.


 To do well on Instagram, you need to share visual content regularly. Create new followers and strengthen relationships with existing followers.