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8 Feb 2022

How to be safe in the Internet world!

In the age of information technology, the world has been transformed into a global village through the Internet.


The Internet has made our daily activities easier. We are using the Internet to do our most important things, from our personal work to official work, financial transactions. From retail entertainment at home, NASA research into space said that the Internet is involved with everything.


Without the internet, we can’t imagine a moment for us. You can tell that the Internet is now transformed into our best friend.


But stop! As the Internet has made everyday tasks simple, you may be out of tune with a little carelessness or a mistake. On the internet, we are connected through various social media, or if we are doing business activities again, for some reason, if all this information goes into the hands of someone else, the danger will not end.


Many times, the trap of a cheater is such that we do not understand it. As a result, our personal information is passed on to others.



Now the point is to know how we can keep our personal important information out of hacking or all these dangers:

Warnings for using free Wi-Fi

Many of us are thrilled to find a free WiFi zone. Some check important things in such a free WiFi zone, such as many do not even have a little bank account checked or exchange an mail.


Avoid doing this kind of work, as your personal information may be lost by doing so. In this case the hacker can steal your personal information without any password.


Be careful before logging into a site:

Avoid logging in to an unfamiliar site. If you log in to any site and enter the link provided there, you may still be the victim of hacking.


Many times you have to log in with important information to log in to a stranger site, in which case you have to be careful.


Don’t click on links in unfamiliar mails:

Clicking an unnecessary/unfamiliar mail link in your mail spam may result in an unnecessary hassle. Many people get annoyed by clicking the unsubscribe button to get rid of it.

But the result could be the opposite. Those who give you spam know that your e-mail ID is alive and no human is using it. So unsubscribe you can delete it instead.


Using a strong password:

In the age of information technology, we use many types of social media and many apps for various purposes.


In keeping with the security of these sites, we use passwords.


Just as a key is required to enter a home, it requires a password to access all these online sites.


So it is very important that all these passwords be solid.


Keeping important work information in the virtual world:

The less your work information is kept in the virtual world, the better.


Because your enemy cannot be trapped.


If you can break your security level, your privacy will be taken away.


Do not add strangers through social media:

There are many users who add to the Friend List without seeing the profile picture.


In case of any unfamiliar request, please check their info first. See how his friend lists are numbered.


Whether his other info is correct. Also, see if you have a friend in common.


Then decide. Don’t add anyone who doesn’t have a profile picture to the list.


Each of your information is important to you. This requires ensuring the security of that information. Security needs awareness before security. So be aware that stay safe.