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8 Feb 2022

How to delete Google from your life? Why is it almost impossible?

Just wondering the title of this article, why do you or I want to do that? Maybe you should never try to completely exclude Google from your life.



 I won’t either. But maybe you are too worried about your privacy or for some other reason, you want to stop using Google services and remove Google from your online life altogether.



 If you really want to delete how do you know? And does it know that it is almost impossible to completely erase Google from our online lives? How impossible? I will discuss all this today.


Google Search Replacement


You can delete your Google Account. Still, the first thing you need to worry about is finding a replacement for the Google search engine that you can use as the default search engine instead of Google.



Google’s search engine is still Google’s main and most used service. But frankly, we are so reliant on Google search that many of us do not know any search engine except Google search.



As many of us know, there are some other popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. But none of them have ever been so popular and so relatable as Google and still aren’t.


If you have to use Google search as a replacement, DuckDuckGo is the closest search engine that can come to Google as a replacement.


This search engine basically declares itself as anti-Google. As such, this search engine will never track you as Google has always done.



Just like Google’s advertisers can track your ads according to your interests, DuckDuckGo’s advertisers will never be able to track you and will not show ads accordingly. Besides, this search engine will never store your personal data.



This is an advent you get if you use it as your default search engine instead of Google.



But frankly, no search engine in the world can ever be better and more popular than Google.


Google Chrome Replacement

This is another hard decision.



There’s nothing to say about Google Chrome.



We almost all use Google Chrome as our default browser. Most users use Google Chrome Primary on both our PC and smartphone. First of all, users may not like Chrome, but Google Chrome’s simple UI, Deep Integration with google and a lot of because of the habit.



Even though Google has a much better browser, most users are not able to exclude Chrome because of their habits.



But if you want to completely eliminate Google, you will need a replacement for the Google Chrome browser.


Gmail replacement


When I ask someone his email address and when he gives a yahoo email address, I literally look at him for 5 seconds to understand that such a person is still there.



Frankly, no email other than Gmail seems standard to most people like me or you.



Although Microsoft Outlook is very good in terms of email, it is not comparable to Gmail.



This is because of the deep integration of Gmail with other Google products like Google Keep, Google Calendar, etc. Another reason is that Gmail accounts are default with every Google account.



No need to create an account separately. So those who have a Google account do not use any email other than Gmail.


But to get out of Google’s ecosystem, you have to stop using Gmail.



You need to move it to another email. For example, Yahoo, Outlook and any other email provider.


YouTube Replacement



You can’t do it Truly as good as YouTube and no other video platform is so great.



Except for the visitor, even if you are a creator, there is no one more perfect place to publish your video than YouTube.



Say Audience, Tell Revenue, and Popular, there’s nothing like YouTube to publish a video from anywhere.



Yes, you can say that Vimeo is much better as a video platform.



But to be honest, it’s not even comparable to YouTube.



You can host your own video on Vimeo, of course, but your target audience will rarely get it here.



The Vimeo platform is designed specifically for filmmakers and videographers. Nowhere else can you find such a large fan base, at least for video.


Android replacement

This is probably the hardest step in getting out of the Google ecosystem. As long as you’re using Android, you’re logically inside the Google ecosystem.



Even if you do not sign in to your Google account on your Android device, you will not have to use many Google services, but since the owner of the Android operating system Google, Google has some control over Android.



So if you want to remove Google from life completely, you have to stop using your Android device. You can definitely imagine, your only destination would be iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.



That is, Apple’s ecosystem is simple. But as we all know, iPhones and other Apple devices are much more expansive and Apple’s ecosystem doesn’t have as many opportunities as Android.


Replacement of other Google products


To completely remove Google from online life, each of the Google products you use will have to be replaced with some alternatives.


Most of them may not be as relatable as Google products, but they are enough to make it work fairly.