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8 Feb 2022

How to fix internet connection?

He went to the office and turned on his laptop computer and saw that the internet connection was not working.



Although the computer is connected to the office network and shows ‘Limited Connectivity’ warning message on the screen.



But when you get home, everything works fine on the same laptop. How to solve it?



If the operating system is Windows 7, click on the Start menu and if Windows 10 is a computer, right-click on the Start button and select Control Panel.



From there, open the Network and Sharing Center by clicking on the Network and Internet Options.



Now click on the Manage wireless networks option from the left-hand side panel.



Then select the current network connection and delete it by clicking on the removal option at the top.


By doing this, go to the Sharing Center again by clicking on the Local Area Connection link and going to Adapter Properties and tick off any of the options below the menu if any third party or antivirus firewall/filter or VPN options are known to them. Leave it that way.



Re-join the network now. This error is supposed to fix the connection even without shutting down the computer or restarting it.


If this does not work, then another job can be done through the command line.



Click the Start button, type cmd, and the command prompt option, then right-click on it and click on Run as administrator option.



Then type netsh Winsock reset and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Restart the computer.



And if you need to give an IP address to the office network, it should be put on the computer.


To do this, open the Network and Internet from the control panel then the Sharing Center and open the Change adapter settings on the left side.


Now right-click on the network connection and select Properties option. Double-click or double-click Internet Protocol Version (TCP / IPv4) in the list.


Finally, click the IP Address provided from the Office Use the following IP address option and enter it in the box below.


Similarly, the address of the following DNS server should be set. And if it’s through a DHCP server,


That is, there is no need to do any of this if there is automatic placement.


The Internet will work just fine if you remove the wireless network connection by connecting it to the network by deleting the security code or security code again.



However, the most convenient way is to wait for a while by clicking the Troubleshoot problems option by right-clicking on the network icon in the bottom right of the taskbar.


The computer will automatically identify problems on the network or fix them automatically, or with some suggestions to help you get a network connection.