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8 Feb 2022

How To Use Google Drive

Google Drive’s website can be accessed from both mobiles and computers.

You will need a Google or Gmail account and internet.


Step 1.

The first thing you need to do is go to the Google Drive website. And, then you will see a link to Go to google drive where you have to click.


Now on the next page, you will probably see Google’s login page, where you need to log in using your own Gmail account ID and password.

If you already have a Google Account login to your web browser, you will not see the Google account login page.


You will see above your Google account details.

And, by clicking on the account’s profile link, you can log in to Google Drive with another google account.


Step 2.

When you log in to Google Drive, you will see your account dashboard.

And, you’ll see all kinds of files or images uploaded to your dashboard

You can upload new files or pictures to the account from the “New” option on the left side of the website.


Step 3.

Now you have to click on the “New” option on the right to upload the image or file to Google Drive. After clicking New you will get the option to upload the file from your computer storage.


Now after clicking on the New option, you will see two options.

  • File upload
  • Folder upload

So, if you want to upload only one file or image then click on the “File upload” option.

And, if you want to upload an entire folder to a drive simultaneously, you have to click on the “Folder upload” option.

Also, note that you can create separate folders for individual files by clicking on the “Folder” option at the top.

Step 4.

On the left side of the dashboard, you can see how much you have used up from the free 15GB of storage space in your Google Drive account and how much space you have in your account.


Step 5.

Now that you’re all done, you may be wondering how to download an uploaded picture from Google Drive. So what


Click on a picture or document to download it from any image, document or file drive.

After clicking, you will see a preview of the image or document as you see it in the image above.

And, you will see a download option at the top right of the image preview. Clicking on the download option will download the file or picture in your pocket.


How to use the Google Drive app on mobile

Always, it is not possible to open a google drive account using the website. Therefore, 5% of people use the google drive app on mobile to easily upload or download any image or file to Drive. This makes backups of files much easier and easier.


Step 1.

First, you need to download the Google Drive app from the Google Play store for free. After download, install the app on your mobile phone.


Step 2.

Mobile will also automatically have to log in to your Google Drive app using your Google account. In this case, the app will be logged in without using the Google Account provided on your mobile phone.

After opening the app you will see a “+” icon at the bottom. Clicking on the plus icon gives you options to upload the file.

After clicking on the plus icon you get options for “Create folder” and “Upload file”.


Step 3.

Now if you need to download a file, simply click on that file or image (picture). After clicking on the image or file you will see some new options below, where you will see the “Download” option.


From mobile, you can easily upload or backup new photos to Google Drive.

Moreover, you will be able to view all uploaded files or images in addition to downloading them again from the app. All your pictures or images are going from mobile to mobile and not even taking place.