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8 Feb 2022

How’s Satellite Broadband Internet

From the sky always keeping an eye on each of our activities with a tireless eye, a compass facility that allows us to find anywhere in the world, reflect any radio signal and send it back to Earth — these are the three main things Satellites do for us.


Looking at the open sky, you may not be able to see hundreds of these satellites empty-handed, but from TV broadcasts to intercontinental telephone calls, weather messages and satellite Internet, the satellites have been working day and night.


What is a Satellite?


The satellite means that there will be a rocket and a dirty apparatus, but not so. The general meaning of a satellite is more general than that – a small space object is called a satellite if it rotates a large object in an orbit around the center.


For example, the moon is the actual satellite or satellite of the earth, because the earth’s gravity forces it to orbit around the Earth. The rockets in the sky that we know as real satellites are actually artificial satellites, and they continue to appear in a calculated path.


It can appear in a circular or elliptical path and at different distances from the earth. Generally, it is located above the earth’s atmosphere. Whether the satellite is intended to tilt our satellite into space, to know about the geographical constraints of the earth — it has helped us to keep an eye on the earth from this point on, so we have learned about life. There are several types of satellites in space. Some of them provide meteorological information, some provide navigation, such as GPS data, and some are used for communication. Satellite phone calls or satellite Internet can be made possible by the communication satellite.


Communication satellites act like mirrors or mirrors — they reflect the signals coming from the Earth and send them back to Earth. Manekrun If you want to call from the deep jungle or mountainous areas, the normal phone will not work, because the cellphone tower signal is not available – you can call using satellite phone.


A signal from your phone will go to the communication satellite and reflect that signal and return to its destination on Earth.


Satellite Internet


Radio signals are transmitted from one end of the earth to the other using the communication satellite. And that’s how the satellite Internet works. An Internet Service Provider from one end of the globe throws the digital digital radio signal to the satellite (from satellite dish antenna), receives the signal from the satellite, and throws the signal back to Earth, this time with a second dish antenna and that satellite. Enjoy the Internet.


Satellite radio signals can be transmitted to almost any kind of information, such as Internet signals, cellphone calls, TV broadcast signals, radio broadcast signals, and so on. There is not much difference between a satellite Internet and a landline Internet or a mobile Internet. On a landline internet or broadband connection, one of your internet service providers comes and connects directly to your router or computer.


This cable is usually made of old copper or optical fiber – which usually provides your internet data or bandwidth. Again on mobile broadband the internet signal is transmitted to your phone or modem via cellphone towers, and internet data is provided via packet switching method. Satellite Internet also requires an internet service provider, they transmit the Internet signal to the satellite using a dish antenna or satellite antenna, and the signal is reflected from the satellite to your home-mounted dish antenna, and the entire process is completed at light speed.


One thing to keep in mind here is that many people believe that satellite TV signals can be accessed over the Internet and there is no additional cost. Yes, technically this is possible, but it requires the help of hardware and devices, plus your dish provider can ban you at any time. However, you must use a satellite broadband Internet provider to use the Satellite Internet, as it requires a complete system setup to use the Internet.


How Does the Satellite Internet Work?


Satellite Internet As I have said before, it is possible to access any radio signal of the TV, call, etc. with internet data from one end of the world to the other. Whether you want to send any radio signal using a satellite, it requires completing three steps.


Uplink, which operates first, throws the Internet signal from the service provider’s dish antenna to the Earth, and later receives the signal from the satellite and processes it using a radio receiver, amplifier, and transmitter. Through this processing, the power of the signal is increased and its frequency changed – so as not to interfere with the signal received on the satellite and the signal sent from the satellite. satellite has many radio receivers, amplifiers, and transmitters installed so that it can simultaneously receive signals from many service providers and send many signals back to the world at the same time.


And finally, there is the downlink, which is another satellite dish antenna located at the base of the earth, usually fitted to your home. An uplink can have a million downlinks. For example, if a Satellite Internet Service Provider has 1 million subscribers, there will be 1 million downlinks from one uplink. The satellite is essentially providing continuous data from uplink to downlink. With your satellite dish, it is possible to get some internet access from the received signal by placing some cables, routers or modems.




  • Satellite broadband is much faster than the Internet dialup connection, depending on which speed package you buy, you will still get 3 to 5 times more speed on this Internet than dialup connection.


  • Satellite broadband Internet can control high bandwidth, so even if multiple users use the Internet at the same time, there will be no problem with internet speed.


  • No phone line is required to use this Internet.




  • For poor weather, internet connection quality can be poor, speed can be reduced. If the latency or ping rate is high on the satellite Internet, ping is a measure of the amount of time it takes to connect the Internet server to your computer.


  • Since all your data goes through the satellite up to the ISP – that is, if you request something, it goes to the satellite first, then from the satellite to your ISP, then from the ISP the same data comes to you, so it takes some time.


  • So the ping rate is high on the satellite Internet, so it is not ideal for online gaming or fast response. However, once connected to the server, the bandwidth can transfer at high rates.


  • Slightly tied to the front of your satellite dish can impair signal quality; if there are large trees next to your house, the signal can get worse, and you will always need to point your antenna to the south. Satellite cannot use VPN exactly as it is on the internet, VPN usage requires low ping-rate.


  • The biggest problem is, the satellite internet is very expensive, and if you use more bandwidth per month, your ISP will turn on Fair Use Policy (reduce internet speed). It is possible to get landline broadband with at least 5 times the speed of this broadband.