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8 Feb 2022

Internet access

The Internet is the depository of infinite knowledge. In fact, the Internet is called the sea of ​​information, from the sea of ​​people all over the world can get the information they need.


 But these savings deposits are such that the information is here permanently. At the same time, the Internet basically plays four roles.


 It simultaneously plays the role of a network or activity, a medium or medium, market or market (whose scope is worldwide) and the platform or platform of a transaction or transaction.




Different companies or organizations can use the Internet to create connections between their offices and staff. Then the Internet virtually takes the appearance of a private network in the case of a company or organization.





The Internet plays the role of communication media in various tasks. There is practically no limit to this task. From product marketing to communication between different industries, the Internet can be a medium for any business.



The market


Business transactions can also be done through the Internet. A company can establish financial connectivity with its creditors, customers and various financial institutions through the use of the Internet directly and through the Internet, it can solve financial transactions.



WW (www)


The Internet is connected to various computer networks through satellite or satellite. These networks connect to the WWW. The whole thing is the World Wide Web. This worldwide network offers easy and fast information exchange.




The gateway is the system by which a user enters the network through his / her computer when he/she wants to access the internet from his / her network. Such as VSNL.




Internet Service Provider. The companies or companies that connect a user to the Internet are called ISPs. Such as VSNL, MTNL, etc.