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8 Feb 2022

Like Instagram or Snapchat?

Currently, Instagram has about 250 million users daily and about 160 million users use Snapchat every day.


Instagram and Snapchat are two popular image and video sharing apps. And even though Facebook’s proprietary Instagram popularity is very good at duplicating various Snapchat features at different times.


Currently, Instagram has about 250 million users daily and about 160 million users use Snapchat every day.


Stories’ feature


Snapchat is the first to introduce this feature. Read Instagram and launch this feature. Snapchat Stories shows the app from the left to the right.


And on Instagram, the stories are automatically launched, which is annoying to many users. However, Instagram is ahead in terms of this feature.


Direct message

Instagram and Snapchat have the advantage of a temporary message exchange. This is called ‘Direct Message’ or DM.


Snapchat is more popular for direct messages. Although many have complained about the design and colors of Snapchat’s DM, Snapchat is ahead.


Face Filter ‘feature

Snapchat was first introduced by the use of humorous filters or humorous filters in pictures or videos and added that the platform is gaining popularity.


Instagram is still lacking in the running of jokes or images. There is also a lack of innovation.


Location tag

Instagram and Snapchat have the advantage of positioning images or videos on both platforms. However, Instagram is very popular with location share.


On Instagram, place names can be applied to different shapes, colors and images anywhere. Snapchat is a little behind on adding locations.


The design of the location can not be changed.


Stickers and photo filters

Instagram and Snapchat both make it even more appealing by adding stickers or images to your photos or videos.


However, Instagram has fewer stickers and fewer conductors. However, its value is very good.


Most users claim that Instagram stickers and conductors are beautiful to look at. While Snapchat’s stickers and conductivity are not as good, there are plenty of stickers and conductors in them.


In this case, Instagram and Snapchat are equal.


Akaaki on top of the picture

Instagram is very popular when it comes to pictures.


There are several benefits, including the desired color, the design of the cotton.


Snapchat doesn’t have that much benefit. And so Instagram is ahead.