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8 Feb 2022

The first of the Internet!

The age of the Internet is approaching fifty! In the last twenty years, the Internet has spread to more than 210 countries of the world, tied the whole world to one sutra, and has gone the distance.


  Today we will discover the amazing storytelling of the first half-first e-mail, first YouTube video, first multiplayer game, first cybercafe, etc., on the half-century phenomenal trail of the Internet!


First Email (1971)

Handwritten correspondence for the sake of e-mail is gone. People who do not have an email account will rarely be available at this time.

E-mail is so popular that it is estimated that more than 24 million e-mails are circulating around the world every second, that year, that number is pushing over 74 trillion!

But do you know when the first email was sent in history? During our independence war, in that 3! Computer engineer Ray Tomlinson was working on a time-sharing system called Timex.

He uses two programs named CYPNET and SNDMSG together to send the first network e-mail and make a promise! Earlier, e-mail could only be sent from one user to another on one computer, but Ray was the first to send network e-mail from one computer to another. It is the beginning of a new horizon of the information technology revolution.


First Computer Virus (1971)

There are two aspects to the good of all discoveries.


While scientists have been relentlessly researching how to make the Internet more useful to human well-being, mathematician John von Neumann has come up with a fancy idea – how viruses attack human flesh, such as the virus that can be created on the internet!


Whatever he thought — Virus and Worms — he created a theory in the first place — a program that could randomly program computer programs! With his theory, in  1949, an engineer named Bob Thomas of the BBN company made the world’s first computer virus – Creeper! He attacked a computer named Arpanet in 1971.


However, Creeper was not created for any harmful purpose. On the computer infected with Creeper only the text “Approach the creeper: catch me if you can” appears! World’s First Antivirus – The Reaper! It could detect and remove the Creeper virus by locating it everywhere on the computer system.


First Search Engine (1991)

“Search engine” Google comes first in our head. Without Google, the Internet can not be thought of.


But the first search engine was born long before Google. Alan Emtage, a computer scientist at McGill University, was given a Master’s Degree as a System Administrator at the university in 1989.


While at work he found that finding software for students all the time on the Internet was a daunting task! He thought of creating something that could easily find any information he wanted.


From that idea, he created a Script set that can easily find information from Varsity’s system database itself!


First Web Browser (1991)

Now that we all use CodeWeb, it’s the world’s first browser, created by Tim Bernard Lee.


He created the browser for the nuclear recharge of the European company Cern. It could only be run on Nextstep. But since the Nextstep form was not created for everyone to use, the WorldWideWeb browser had no public access.


First cybercafe (1994)

Siberia, the world’s first cybercafe, opened in Britain at the bottom of the event office on London’s Whitefield Street in 1994. Even ordinary people were not used to the Internet.


But over time, the popularity of cybercafe continues to grow and the owners of cybercafe open their branch offices in Paris, Bangkok, Tokyo etc.


The first Facebook profile


Who is Facebook’s first profile? Who again Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg! In fact, three more profiles were opened before his profile was opened, but because they were experimental, the achievements of the first profile go by the name of Zuckerberg! That profile page was what it looked like


First youtube videos (2005)


The young man named Javed Karim captured the 18-second video in April 2005, at the Zoo in San Diego, then the history!