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8 Feb 2022

What is web design? How to learn

What is web design?


Today, the Internet and its use are everywhere and its use is increasing day by day.


In this case, all kinds of small companies, firms or most businesses are launching a website to promote or market their business online.


One, the website may also think of making JK for any purpose. That purpose can be online marketing, product promotion, online services, contact customer, digital marketing or a website can be created for any other purpose.


Different, different types of websites can be created.


Now, these different types of websites that design and create websites are called web designers.


And, the web designers use the skills, experience or process that a web designer designs or creates.


What do you need to learn from being a web designer?


You don’t need any special qualifications for learning web designing.


If you have little or no interest in this field, you can learn web designing through various courses.


So let’s know, in particular, what we have to learn specifically for this course.


Photoshop basics:


Hey, you need to learn the basics of Photoshop.

Because, before creating a website, we need to create an idea or design in Photoshop.

In this, there will be many benefits to building a website later.




HTML means “HyperText Markup Language”, a type of coding language or language.

This is a markup language that is used to create web pages.

HTML education is very easy and after that, you can create a simple web page.




CSS is a cascading style sheet that is a kind of coding language or language.

HTML works to give structure to our website. And, CSS works to style and design the structure of web pages created by our HTML.

CSS can make a web page beautiful and attractive.




JavaScript is a type of client-side scripting language that is used to influence different types of processes or processes on a webpage.

For a good and experienced web designer, having the knowledge and experience of JavaScript is very important.



Then, learn about CSS when knowledge comes to HTML. And, finally, learn about JavaScript.

This way you can become a good designer very quickly by practicing everyday issues.


How to learn web design?


Now, finally, we have the question, “How do I learn web design”? So what


Then be aware that to become a good web designer you can take this course in two ways.



  • Online web design courses.
  • Offline web design courses.


And, if you are a new graduate or just 12, I would say take this course from a good institute or college.


In this, you will be better able to learn and, with the help of a teacher or other classmate, can help you solve your own problems or problems.


Moreover, after taking a course from an institute or college, you will be given a certificate which will help you a lot in the future.


So, if you are interested in doing web design courses for your interest and general knowledge, you can learn a lot using online websites.


But, if you are thinking about making a career in web design and serious about this topic, take a full-time web designing course from a good institute while taking in knowledge from various online websites.