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8 Feb 2022

WhatsApp introduces new rules

Using WhatsApp messaging service to spread fake news has become a major problem for some countries.



In India, the country of more than one hundred million people has taken the form of an epidemic.


WhatsApp authorities are struggling to cope with this.



  The company is now active in counteracting the spread of fake news worldwide. That’s why they’re going to introduce new rules.


What’s the new rule?

The most important step is that a WhatsApp user can’t ‘forward’ a message more than five times or send it to others. The rule was introduced in India six months ago.


In the wake of the rumors circulating on WhatsApp, the killing of people beaten up has taken an awful lot. In that regard, the rule is made there. Now that rule will apply to all WhatsApp users worldwide.


Earlier, a message could be forwarded 2০ times. WhatsApp has told the media they have made such a decision only after six months of careful evaluation.


A spokeswoman for the Facebook-owned company said, “The rate of forwarding messages has dropped.


As a result, people will be more focused on sending personal messages with their close friends.


After learning about their experience from users, new measures will be taken to figure out how to handle viral messages. ‘


There are also special rules for WhatsApp groups. From now on, any group that wants to open WhatsApp will not have more than 256 members.


How much of these rules will work?


WhatsApp and Facebook have faced widespread criticism for failing to prevent negative publicity in the near future.


Last week, Facebook announced that it had closed three Facebook 500 accounts in Ukraine, Central, and Eastern Europe.


Facebook is alleged to have spread fake news from these accounts.


However, the big advantage of WhatsApp is that they also have a big problem in preventing fake news.


WhatsApp messages are ‘encrypted’.


That is, because of a special code it cannot be read by any third party except the sender and the person who received the message.


This means that WhatsApp will not be able to enter the account secretly to read the contents of this message if desired.


 It is not possible to read WhatsApp if anyone spreads fake news.